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What We Offer

ERP and CRM Services

For almost fifteen years now UST has been heavily involved in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) arena providing value added implementation and consulting services. Our services range from full scale turnkey implementations to spot consulting in specialized areas.

About our SAP Services UST is a SAP Services Partner and a leading systems integrator and implementer of SAP based solutions. Since 1996, UST has focused heavily on providing SAP based ERP and CRM solutions and we have a proven track record of providing outstanding services in this area. UST specializes in ERP implementation in the Automotive and the Public Sector.

System Integration

UST offers system integration expertise from project concept to completion including total integration of hardware and software across the enterprise that will maximize your ROI (return on investment). UST can be your one stop shop for business solutions including feasibility studies, analysis, design, installation, production, knowledge transfer and maintenance.

IT Consulting

When a customer does not want a full scale turnkey solution or outsourcing, it may choose to bring in our experts as consultants to fulfill specialized roles in conjunction with their own IT team. Consultants bring in a high level of system and/or business expertise, which may not be available internally within an organization and strategically make a great difference between the success or failure of a project. Ever since our inception in 1993, we have been offering Information Technology specialists with the most current state of the art skills that are needed to meet our client’s requirements and their dynamic information technology environments. Our consultants have had an immaculate and an impeccable record of completing all projects successfully through technical expertise that encompasses a broad range of system development skills; from concept definition to systems development to integration, testing and implementation. Universal System Technologies recognizes that building and sustaining a strong project team is a major factor in the success of any engagement. Our consultants come in different roles like System Analysts, Programmer Analysts, Database Administrators, Project Managers, Network Administrators, Support Analysts, Web Developers, Systems Administrators, QA Testers, Business Analysts, Operations Analysts, Help Desk Analysts and Information Architects. We have a consultant to fill up virtually any IT role.

Management Consulting

Our management consulting practice focuses on advising clients on solving their complex business problems, improving performance and realizing operational efficiencies to help them transform into better managed and more profitable enterprises. We do this by having our expert consultants work closely with our clients and share their unbiased outsider's perspective along with the best business practices.

PMO Services

Our Project Management Services are designed to help organizations relieve themselves of the day-to-day responsibilities of managing any IT project initiative. We will provide a single point-of-contact to coordinate and manage all aspects of the project implementation services delivering the IT solution as per your needs. During implementation, UST will serve as your single point-of-contact and will manage all the project resources which may optionally include management of your third-party vendors and suppliers. UST project managers create a comprehensive implementation plan, and help expedite project implementation. They supervise critical time frames and effectively manage changes to help enable timely deployment and avoid any cost overrun. Project managers manage all your requirements, milestones and deliverables to help minimize delays and cost increases. In addition, they coordinate the resources and service activities necessary to successfully implement a solution that meets your expectations.

Application Development

UST develops custom application software tailored to your strict business needs. Even though COTS (commercial Off-the-shelf) solutions are available for a wide range of business applications - still, there are numerous situations in which the client cannot find an existing packaged solution or the requirements are so specialized that no existing package can adequately address the problem and provide all the needed functionalities. That’s the ideal business case for developing a custom application and UST can provide application development services for a wide variety of platforms, using a range of development tools utilizing industry accepted methodologies. UST can analyze your system requirements and develop a totally customized application from scratch to support your business goals. In a more general sense application development may also refer to any type of new custom programming effort for a variety of tasks such as reporting, interface programming, data conversion, data migration, data processing, online transaction processing, database inquiry/updates and endless other computer applications.

Migration Services

Very often organizations make the strategic decision to change their computing platforms and embrace a new hardware platform and/or a new software environment. This introduces several new issues of vital importance which must be addressed to maintain business continuity and successful integration. UST has solid experience in this area and can help in making Application Migration smooth and painless by providing the following: • Business Process Impact Analysis • Code Conversion • Unit and Integration Testing • Data conversion • Implementation

Maintenance and Support

UST has wealth of experience in providing application maintenance and support services. In maintaining applications we have improved systems’ performance by re-engineering the code and processes; integrating quality controls into your support life cycle processes to increase system

stability; creating enhancements to your existing functionality to accommodate new business requirements; and assisting with technical writing to standardize your vital technical and user procedures. We have a well-defined maintenance process and have the expertise to maintain large and complex applications that are implemented at multiple locations.

System Re-engineering

Over the years companies and organizations have made huge investments in IT systems that run their core business. These systems have been refined and perfected over the years and today many of these systems are the bread and butter of these enterprises. However, over time technology has changed and so have the ways of doing business and so what do you do with your ‘so called ‘legacy’ IT systems ? You can take a revolutionary approach and replace them entirely which might be very risk prone and expensive with costs involving everything from new hardware to software to change management and user retraining. The alternative is to take a less drastic evolutionary approach where you preserve your existing systems and try to “re-engineer” them to adapt to new business needs and make them technologically advanced to compete with the modern day marketplace. That’s the typical scenario for a company needing System Re-engineering services.

Business Process Management

UST offers end-to-end Business Process Management services to help companies analyze, re-engineer, improve and automate business processes. We have a team of excellent Business Analysts and System Analysts who will interact closely with the client in reviewing and analyzing their business processes and workflows. In this close interactive process UST can document and suggest improvements to the workflow to make the process more efficient and also suggest automation strategy for manual processes with the right tools and methodologies. As part of Business Process Re-engineering we become involved in the design, improvement and implementation of integrated systems of people, processes, infrastructure and technology. The main objective of the practice is to increase company profits by increasing productivity at optimum cost and we believe that such a process design will inevitably serve the different areas of importance to all the different business departments. Our business processes re-engineering eliminates waste, improves businesses time-to-market, and increases productivity. The re-engineering process is initiated through an in-house consultation, where we thoroughly examine business processes including how businesses process and fulfill orders, service customers, and track information throughout the company. We look at the business impact of your processes on your production, customer service, sales, and marketing departments as well.

Data Management

We offer a suite of services to capture, cleanse, validate and transform your data. The goal of these services is to improve the quality, accuracy, consistency and integrity of data, which in turn enhances the reliability and the efficiency of the overall computer system employing that data.


Network and System Support

In today’s workplace networking is so common and prevalent that even small and medium sized companies have implemented networking in some form or the other. More and more companies are heavily dependent upon successful operation of their network for their mission critical business functions.


UST has a specialized team that has extensive experience in providing GIS (Geographic Information System) services specially in conjunction with ARC/INFO and MAP/INFO line of products.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) Systems are basically decision support systems that provide analytical data and reporting tools to support and improve the decision-making process. Business Intelligence helps create business roadmaps to deliver solutions for business analysis which includes data models, meta-data and analytical applications. By having these roadmaps, we deliver superior business value through better ROI (return on investment), time value by enabling faster solution delivery, and technical value through open database enablement.


We offer a comprehensive services portfolio to clients for new and existing businesses to serve their enterprise integration requirements, both internal and external to the organization. We embrace 'Build by Integration' as a core theme to develop and deploy e-integration solutions to leverage existing investments in IT infrastructure. We architect these solutions upon a solid foundation of 'right-mix' of off-the-shelf products/frameworks and custom development. We can deliver e-integration solutions based on a variety of platforms such as Microsoft, Sun and IBM. Our processes and competence groups are ramped up to deliver business solutions based on the products and technologies from industry leaders in these domains. Our activities and deliverables are planned in a phased manner to optimize our Onsite/Offshore model.

Offshore Outsourcing

Organizations around the world are outsourcing many of their ‘non-core, non-critical processes’, in an attempt to understand fully their true core competencies, and focus on only those competencies. Business process outsourcing has become the new imperative. Gartner defines Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as the “Delegation of one or more IT-intensive business processes to an external provider that in turn owns, administers and manages the selected process(es) based on defined and measurable performance criteria.”

Education and Training

UST provides customized knowledge transfer and end user training for our customers as per their special needs and demands. Generally, our training and education services are bundled as a part of our total system integration solution, but occasionally it can be offered separately as well.